Архив за 29 апреля, 2024

29 April, 20:44Экономика
Мишустин: ЕАЭС существенно обгоняет Евросоюз по темпам роста ВВП (Видео)

Большая Евразия становится одним из центров нового многополярного мира. Здесь сосредоточены интересы всех крупнейших мировых игроков, появляются новые точки экономического роста. Об этом заявил премьер-министр Михаил Мишустин. Он провел стратегическую сессию по евразийской интеграции в многополярном мире.

29 April, 20:22Мировой рынок
Как паводки повлияли на добычу нефти в Казахстане (Видео)

В Казахстане планируют пробурить больше 80 скважин для поиска нефти. Накануне об этом сообщил вице-министр энергетики Асхат Хасенов. Добыча нефти с каждым годом сокращается. В качестве примера Хасенов привёл месторождения в Кызылординской области.

29 April, 14:16Отчеты
Price forecast from 29 April to 3 May 2024

Energy market:

In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, locals found oil in a hole in a river. Everyone got excited and worried. Called a helicopter. Reindeer herders, paratroopers, everyone who was at hand. And it turned out to be some kind of algae. It dries up and turns from brown to green.

Well, that’s okay. There’s always hope. Hello!

This release was prepared with the direct participation of analysts from trading platforms eOil.ru and IDK.ru. Here is an assessment of the situation on the global and Russian markets.

According to most public reports, Russia has managed to maintain high levels of oil sales on the world market. Heavy crude, including Urals, has been in high demand in recent weeks, all because the Americans for some reason have fallen out with Venezuela again. But they will come back to Maduro and he will accept them, because money, but later. Also the demand for heavy oil is provided by the fable that, say, summer is coming soon, we will need a lot of fuel oil for power plants, otherwise air conditioners will have nothing to work on. What if the summer will be cold, why do they expect hot summer?

The UAE has started exporting Iraqi oil. People say about such people, “you live richly”. They used to run Russian oil through themselves, and now Iraqi oil. We, they say, are loading our refineries. Well done. What the hell. Soon Iranian oil will also be accepted, Tehran is already in line for sanctions, brand it “Murban grade” and go on, on camels and to Lisbon.